Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday went healthy

Today was actually a pretty healthy day, it went really well.

Breakfast was coffee (w/cream) and strawberry yogurt with blueberries and some kashi cereal for that special crunch factor.

Snack - my yummy in my tummy trailbar :)

Lunch was a ginormous salad. Lettuce, spinach, peppers, green onions, tomato, cucumber, cranberries, chicken salad, low fat cheddar and some cottage cheese topped with low fat dijon dressing. SCRUMPTIOUS

Snack was an apple.

I was starving while making lunch for Wednesday and waiting for Justin to come home from work so I had some Food Should Taste Good Cheddar Chips and a cheese stick.

Dinner was whole wheat angel hair with homemade spaghetti sauce that I canned this summer and about half a chicken sausage link. I did have some buttered bread on the side and a larger than normal glass of milk. It was spaghetti afterall.

No pictures. I seem to keep pulling the camera out to take pictures of my doggies but not my food. Ooopsie. But for fun here is a cute pic of the fur-babies.

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