Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A day of indulgence which amounted to about half a pound in weight loss!

I really don't get how you can be sooooo goooood one day and lose nothing and then another day you can indulge in sweets off and on all day and somehow mysteriously drop weight. But who the hell cares really? What's important is I'm trying to make healthy choices and it's working!

I started my Monday with a yummy coffee with light cream. It was the start to catch up week at work and I wanted to enjoy my coffee on the way to work. As much as I try, I can't enjoy coffee made with anything other than light cream....except of course Irish Cream :) So I pushed the fat free half and half aside for the third day in a row.

I gave it a healthy jump start with some yogurt and blueberries and a trail bar while deleting the email about Bruce's homemade peanut butter ice cream. But then in came my favorite underwriter. She had lost like 40 pounds since I saw her last and looked hot as hell with her new blonde hair and tiny figure. But she still brought the cookies from the bakery in Keene. I said no, no, no! I am not going to eat that cookie. I don't even like raspberry that much. Maybe if I just wait it out, someone else will eat all of the chocolate chip, brownie filled delights and I wont have to worry about how many calories and fat grams are in that thing...not so much. I ate one. I set it on my desk and said this is for after lunch and then about 30 second later, I ate the whole cookie. There goes my sugar for the day, now it's going to be out of whack!

Lunch was healthy, Justin made me a chicken salad sandwich with low fat swiss and a cucumber on the side. Unfortunately we got an ice cream reminder before lunch time and I then fell victim to about half a cup of peanut butter cup ice cream. I blame the sugar freakout on the cookie from earlier. I followed the ice cream with a fun sized snickers :(

At like 4:00 my sugar craving body wanted more but I did the right thing and ate the apple that had been in front of me all day. It tasted grainy and was awful.

Dinner was leftovers from Sunday so I had a healthy portion of chicken cordon bleu casserole and some steamed broccoli which somehow tasted almost as fresh as summer. Maybe I just want summer to be here b/c I hate winter and want to garden again and pick my veggies the moment I am ready to cook them.

Somehow this day of cookies, ice cream and candy bars wasn't all bad and the scale let me jump for joy with roughly a half pound in weight loss!

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