Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The brownies filled with peanut butter cups day

Today wasn't awful but I did indulge a little on treats made by my pal Cary.

I had some oatmeal with cranberries for breakfast and it held me over until lunch which was good b/c I forgot my trailbar. However, around 11:15 I found myself wondering what the brownie treats downstairs were all about. Turns out my friend Cary is trying out a new little brownie pan she has to experiment with treats for her ranger's packages. So in honor of her ranger, Ty, I indulged myself in two of the best little treats. Brownies with a peanut butter cup in the middle. And bitesized so you don't feel bad having two.

I had some Campbells Select Southwestern Vegetable Soup for lunch with oyster crackers. About 15 minutes before lunch ended, Cary started to offer the last three brownie bites up. I asked for one and was told no b/c I had already tried them :( Damn it woman! Thankfully my pal Hellen who was able to resist temptation requested one and gave it to me. HAHAHAHA, take that CARY!

My soup didn't hold me over as expected so I reached for a small personal sized bag of kettle corn popcorn around 3:00.

For dinner we had leftover spaghetti. YUMMY.

Oh, at some point during the day I ate the candy that came with my Avon order too. So that would be one bite sized caramel, one dark chocolate hershey mini and one candy can hershey kiss.

My weight was the same this morning which was great and I have high hopes for a healthy weekend. Maybe I'll hit the 5 pound mark soon :)

Again, I forgot to take pictures so here are my kids sitting in stay position waiting for a cookie.

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  1. Glad you can indulge and not gain love the picture of my granddogs did you see the pic of Mika the american eskimo in the daily puppy I miss my snowy!!!!