Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The brownies filled with peanut butter cups day

Today wasn't awful but I did indulge a little on treats made by my pal Cary.

I had some oatmeal with cranberries for breakfast and it held me over until lunch which was good b/c I forgot my trailbar. However, around 11:15 I found myself wondering what the brownie treats downstairs were all about. Turns out my friend Cary is trying out a new little brownie pan she has to experiment with treats for her ranger's packages. So in honor of her ranger, Ty, I indulged myself in two of the best little treats. Brownies with a peanut butter cup in the middle. And bitesized so you don't feel bad having two.

I had some Campbells Select Southwestern Vegetable Soup for lunch with oyster crackers. About 15 minutes before lunch ended, Cary started to offer the last three brownie bites up. I asked for one and was told no b/c I had already tried them :( Damn it woman! Thankfully my pal Hellen who was able to resist temptation requested one and gave it to me. HAHAHAHA, take that CARY!

My soup didn't hold me over as expected so I reached for a small personal sized bag of kettle corn popcorn around 3:00.

For dinner we had leftover spaghetti. YUMMY.

Oh, at some point during the day I ate the candy that came with my Avon order too. So that would be one bite sized caramel, one dark chocolate hershey mini and one candy can hershey kiss.

My weight was the same this morning which was great and I have high hopes for a healthy weekend. Maybe I'll hit the 5 pound mark soon :)

Again, I forgot to take pictures so here are my kids sitting in stay position waiting for a cookie.

Tuesday went healthy

Today was actually a pretty healthy day, it went really well.

Breakfast was coffee (w/cream) and strawberry yogurt with blueberries and some kashi cereal for that special crunch factor.

Snack - my yummy in my tummy trailbar :)

Lunch was a ginormous salad. Lettuce, spinach, peppers, green onions, tomato, cucumber, cranberries, chicken salad, low fat cheddar and some cottage cheese topped with low fat dijon dressing. SCRUMPTIOUS

Snack was an apple.

I was starving while making lunch for Wednesday and waiting for Justin to come home from work so I had some Food Should Taste Good Cheddar Chips and a cheese stick.

Dinner was whole wheat angel hair with homemade spaghetti sauce that I canned this summer and about half a chicken sausage link. I did have some buttered bread on the side and a larger than normal glass of milk. It was spaghetti afterall.

No pictures. I seem to keep pulling the camera out to take pictures of my doggies but not my food. Ooopsie. But for fun here is a cute pic of the fur-babies.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A day of indulgence which amounted to about half a pound in weight loss!

I really don't get how you can be sooooo goooood one day and lose nothing and then another day you can indulge in sweets off and on all day and somehow mysteriously drop weight. But who the hell cares really? What's important is I'm trying to make healthy choices and it's working!

I started my Monday with a yummy coffee with light cream. It was the start to catch up week at work and I wanted to enjoy my coffee on the way to work. As much as I try, I can't enjoy coffee made with anything other than light cream....except of course Irish Cream :) So I pushed the fat free half and half aside for the third day in a row.

I gave it a healthy jump start with some yogurt and blueberries and a trail bar while deleting the email about Bruce's homemade peanut butter ice cream. But then in came my favorite underwriter. She had lost like 40 pounds since I saw her last and looked hot as hell with her new blonde hair and tiny figure. But she still brought the cookies from the bakery in Keene. I said no, no, no! I am not going to eat that cookie. I don't even like raspberry that much. Maybe if I just wait it out, someone else will eat all of the chocolate chip, brownie filled delights and I wont have to worry about how many calories and fat grams are in that thing...not so much. I ate one. I set it on my desk and said this is for after lunch and then about 30 second later, I ate the whole cookie. There goes my sugar for the day, now it's going to be out of whack!

Lunch was healthy, Justin made me a chicken salad sandwich with low fat swiss and a cucumber on the side. Unfortunately we got an ice cream reminder before lunch time and I then fell victim to about half a cup of peanut butter cup ice cream. I blame the sugar freakout on the cookie from earlier. I followed the ice cream with a fun sized snickers :(

At like 4:00 my sugar craving body wanted more but I did the right thing and ate the apple that had been in front of me all day. It tasted grainy and was awful.

Dinner was leftovers from Sunday so I had a healthy portion of chicken cordon bleu casserole and some steamed broccoli which somehow tasted almost as fresh as summer. Maybe I just want summer to be here b/c I hate winter and want to garden again and pick my veggies the moment I am ready to cook them.

Somehow this day of cookies, ice cream and candy bars wasn't all bad and the scale let me jump for joy with roughly a half pound in weight loss!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday - Funday

Got up this morning and we dove right into bottling beer...which of course inspired us to brew some beer. So inbetween all of the brewing fun, the food went something like this.

Got super hungry and thought I would puke from starvation, lol. Made a bowl of cereal with a banana. That didn't hold me over so after making trailbars, I ate half of one. I altered the trailbar recipe to only use 1 cup of oats and instead added about two cups of kashi cereal. This combined with the switch from raisins to dates made them even better than last time!

We went out to Home Depot in between the brewfest to buy some bathroom renovation stuff. Managed to score a new vanity/sink and some flooring today. When we got home, we were starving and since we would be outside most of the afternoon, I made grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches with soup. I would guess there was about 3 ounces of cheese on my sandwich and that I ate about 1 ounce while making them. We split the can of soup.

We got down to brewing and that meant I had to drink a beer. I indulged in a Winter Hook since it was cold out. But I was good and only had one. Unlike my hiccuping husband...

About 4:00 Justin made some cheese and crackers so naturally I ate like 3 or 4 of them and it was not low fat cheese and even better it was not cut thin at all.

I cooked a new made up recipe for dinner using the leftover roasted chicken. I created a chicken cordon blue casserole with farfalle pasta, ham, swiss and a Common Man cheese sauce recipe. I also made garlic creamy spinach on the side. It came out pretty good but would need tweaking to make it again. The sauce was a bit thick for my liking. I think next time I would turn it into a lasagna layering the chicken in one layer and the ham and swiss in another and then topping it with sauce and panko bread crumbs.

For comparison, I have shown my glass of milk next to Justin's glass of milk. I used to have a 16 oz glass of milk at night but now I just have my one little tiny cup.

To conclude today, my weight stayed the same despite Friday nights pizza and ice cream and Saturday nights giant bowl of ice cream. Tomorrow I do not expect the same. I managed to consume an awful lot of cheese today. I guess that is what happens when cheese if your favorite food.

Saturday - Finally feeling better...

My cold finally broke today and I felt so much better. I made some coffee and I spent the day doing lots of chores. I managed to muscle up the energy to go out for groceries, bring a month's worth of recycling to the dump, go to the bank, and go bathroom renovation shopping. Then I got home, put the groceries away, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, started laundry and finally ate some breakfast before washing out 4 recycling totes which of course led to an entire douche of the bathroom. It felt like a workout after spending days on the couch.

Breakfast was scrumptious. I had two pieces of toast with an egg white omelet that had sundried tomatoes and low-fat cheddar in it. Had an apple on the side and some Tropicana 50/50 just to be sure the cold germs were not going to come and get me.

I got busy and never had a snack or needed one.

For lunch I had a much craved salad. In the salad were three types of bell peppers, diced onions, cucumber, olives, ham, swiss cheese, cottage cheese and french dressing. It was awesomely delicious. I could actually taste something, WAHOO.

After lunch I paid bills. And while this has nothing at all to do with food, it's exciting to share the fact that I have officially paid off my car.

My energy level around 4:00 had met it's match and apparently I burned some calories b/c I was starving so I had some yogurt with a little Kashi cereal in it...and was not satisfied and followed that with a small piece of last nights fatty pizza. OOPS :(

I made up for it at dinner though. I roasted a beautiful seven pound chicken and we made roasted chicken sandwiches for dinner with some buffalo sauce and blue cheese. It was fucking gross. Why is it that you can't buy Blue Cheese dressing in the store that tastes as good as the restaurant stuff? I ate maybe half my sandwich and and threw away the rest. I did eat the Food Should Taste Good chips though :)

I think I had a beer with our movie but I honestly don't recall. I do however recall the giant bowl of ice cream. We managed to eat the entire half gallon in two nights. That's two bowls for Justin and two for me. At least it's gone right? It won't call out my name all week long from the freezer around like 8:15pm...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday - not feeling better but forced to go to work

I still felt like run over dog poo today but my career in insurance beckoned me to sit in misery in my cubicle for the day :)

I didn't think to take any pictures that morning of what I planned to eat in my breakfast and lunch and I don't have one of those fancy phones that takes nice pictures so there wont be any photos for the day.

Two pieces of toast with peanut butter and a banana that had been sitting on my desk since Tuesday morning.

Another banana because that is what I had available.

Snack again:
about 4 pretzel sticks that I dug out of the back of my desk drawer

Chicken noodle soup. Good ole Campbells and some oyster crackers

An apple. Feeling the need for some vitamin C so that I could maybe not fall asleep driving home

At this point I decided I had no energy to cook, knew my husband was not about to cook after a long work week, snow blowing and having to work again on the weekend. So while I picked up a movie at redbox, I ventured to the dangerous frozen food aisle. I stared into the upright freezers knowing that no matter what I chose, it was going to have nearly 20 grams of fat per serving and the serving size would be so small that I would ultimately eat two servings. After literally 10 minutes of staring into the freezer land and zoning out, I chose Digorno. Garlic bread pepperoni pizza. I didn't flip it over to look at the back because I wasn't going to change my mind.

And then I turned around, in search of light ice cream or even better, fat free frozen yogurt. I just wanted something cold and yummy. So while I scanned the shelves of healthy frozen treats, there it of my favorite ice creams put back in the wrong place. Full fat ice cream in the healthy ice cream section. Why was it there? Staring at me, the girl with pizza already in one hand? Some smart person had grabbed it, then made the healthier choice and put it away in the spot where the healthy ice cream they chose had once sat. I'm sure that they purchased some sort of fat free, 100 calorie per scoop "delight". I did what any tired, sick, ice cream craving girl would do. I bought the creamy triple berry cheesecake ice cream.

So now I'm sure you want to know just how much I ate. Surpisingly, I did not eat two servings of pizza (nevermind the half of a pizza that I would have typically consumed). I ate about one and a half servings and did look at the back of the box which told me that accounted for about 25ish grams of fat. YUCK. Why couldn't they have just made that same pizza with turkey pepperoni? It really would have tasted exactly the same and been so much healthier.

As for the ice cream, I probably had a cup and a half which is 3 servings. However, it turns out that my creamy "non-healthy" ice cream wasn't that unhealthy and thankfully this really wasn't that many calories and fat.

So in conclusion, probably the least healthy day I have had since starting this blog. Did I step on the scale this morning? NO fucking way! I intentionally forgot.

Another sick day

So my last post was on Thursday, which means that was Wednesday's meal. Now it's Saturday and I need to catch up.

Breakfast on Thursday:
2 pieces of toast with a little peanut butter. Fiber plus cinnamon oats with blueberries and half a banana and a glass of OJ

no morning snack, breakfast kept me wicked full

Leftover mac and cheese. I have finally put the other half of the pan in the freezer for another time. I am officially sick of mac and cheese.

80 calorie cherry yogurt with about 1/8 cup of kashi cereal sprinkled on top

A piece of bread with ham and rice soup. Only ate about half the bowl. I am officially sick of ham too.

It turns out that leftover meals are great but when you are sick and don't want to cook anything new, you get really friggin sick of eating the same shit for more than 5 days.