Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday - Finally feeling better...

My cold finally broke today and I felt so much better. I made some coffee and I spent the day doing lots of chores. I managed to muscle up the energy to go out for groceries, bring a month's worth of recycling to the dump, go to the bank, and go bathroom renovation shopping. Then I got home, put the groceries away, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, started laundry and finally ate some breakfast before washing out 4 recycling totes which of course led to an entire douche of the bathroom. It felt like a workout after spending days on the couch.

Breakfast was scrumptious. I had two pieces of toast with an egg white omelet that had sundried tomatoes and low-fat cheddar in it. Had an apple on the side and some Tropicana 50/50 just to be sure the cold germs were not going to come and get me.

I got busy and never had a snack or needed one.

For lunch I had a much craved salad. In the salad were three types of bell peppers, diced onions, cucumber, olives, ham, swiss cheese, cottage cheese and french dressing. It was awesomely delicious. I could actually taste something, WAHOO.

After lunch I paid bills. And while this has nothing at all to do with food, it's exciting to share the fact that I have officially paid off my car.

My energy level around 4:00 had met it's match and apparently I burned some calories b/c I was starving so I had some yogurt with a little Kashi cereal in it...and was not satisfied and followed that with a small piece of last nights fatty pizza. OOPS :(

I made up for it at dinner though. I roasted a beautiful seven pound chicken and we made roasted chicken sandwiches for dinner with some buffalo sauce and blue cheese. It was fucking gross. Why is it that you can't buy Blue Cheese dressing in the store that tastes as good as the restaurant stuff? I ate maybe half my sandwich and and threw away the rest. I did eat the Food Should Taste Good chips though :)

I think I had a beer with our movie but I honestly don't recall. I do however recall the giant bowl of ice cream. We managed to eat the entire half gallon in two nights. That's two bowls for Justin and two for me. At least it's gone right? It won't call out my name all week long from the freezer around like 8:15pm...


  1. I'm going to show you a great dressing that you can use on the tour verses what you have been using. It's made with yogurt and soybean oil and they have a ton of flavors including blue cheese, ranch, pineapple mango (great as a marninade for chix or pork roast), blue cheese olive oil based dressing, creamy italian, and honey mustard. :) This day looked good minus the slice of pizza...and ice cream. We all need a break once in a while. Looks like you are down 4 lbs though and that's awesome!

  2. Cool. I'm excited about that new dressing. I am down 4 pounds. Actually 4.4 as of this morning.