Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday - Funday

Got up this morning and we dove right into bottling beer...which of course inspired us to brew some beer. So inbetween all of the brewing fun, the food went something like this.

Got super hungry and thought I would puke from starvation, lol. Made a bowl of cereal with a banana. That didn't hold me over so after making trailbars, I ate half of one. I altered the trailbar recipe to only use 1 cup of oats and instead added about two cups of kashi cereal. This combined with the switch from raisins to dates made them even better than last time!

We went out to Home Depot in between the brewfest to buy some bathroom renovation stuff. Managed to score a new vanity/sink and some flooring today. When we got home, we were starving and since we would be outside most of the afternoon, I made grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches with soup. I would guess there was about 3 ounces of cheese on my sandwich and that I ate about 1 ounce while making them. We split the can of soup.

We got down to brewing and that meant I had to drink a beer. I indulged in a Winter Hook since it was cold out. But I was good and only had one. Unlike my hiccuping husband...

About 4:00 Justin made some cheese and crackers so naturally I ate like 3 or 4 of them and it was not low fat cheese and even better it was not cut thin at all.

I cooked a new made up recipe for dinner using the leftover roasted chicken. I created a chicken cordon blue casserole with farfalle pasta, ham, swiss and a Common Man cheese sauce recipe. I also made garlic creamy spinach on the side. It came out pretty good but would need tweaking to make it again. The sauce was a bit thick for my liking. I think next time I would turn it into a lasagna layering the chicken in one layer and the ham and swiss in another and then topping it with sauce and panko bread crumbs.

For comparison, I have shown my glass of milk next to Justin's glass of milk. I used to have a 16 oz glass of milk at night but now I just have my one little tiny cup.

To conclude today, my weight stayed the same despite Friday nights pizza and ice cream and Saturday nights giant bowl of ice cream. Tomorrow I do not expect the same. I managed to consume an awful lot of cheese today. I guess that is what happens when cheese if your favorite food.

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