Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another sick day

So my last post was on Thursday, which means that was Wednesday's meal. Now it's Saturday and I need to catch up.

Breakfast on Thursday:
2 pieces of toast with a little peanut butter. Fiber plus cinnamon oats with blueberries and half a banana and a glass of OJ

no morning snack, breakfast kept me wicked full

Leftover mac and cheese. I have finally put the other half of the pan in the freezer for another time. I am officially sick of mac and cheese.

80 calorie cherry yogurt with about 1/8 cup of kashi cereal sprinkled on top

A piece of bread with ham and rice soup. Only ate about half the bowl. I am officially sick of ham too.

It turns out that leftover meals are great but when you are sick and don't want to cook anything new, you get really friggin sick of eating the same shit for more than 5 days.


  1. Mmm your breakfast look super deliscious! Did you buy "better" bread yet?

  2. That breakfast kicked ass. I have not bought better bread yet. I had to use the loaf I had. I will be buying better. We have some MB split top wheat. Is that a good bread?